Volume -1, Issue -1, December 2016 Issue

01 Energy Strategy: Planetary Transformation of AN ERA   Full Text PDF

Mirjana Prljevic; Milos Dimitrijevic PhD

Country : Serbia

02 Risks which Caused by Obesity on the Spine   Full Text PDF

Samir Zahaf; Bensmaine Mansouri; Abderrahmane Belarbi; Zitouni Azari

Country: Algeria

03 Performance Analysis of Scheduling in Re-Entrant Manufacturing Systems Based on JIT Simulation Model   Full Text PDF

Chukwuedozie N. Ezema;, Eric C. Okafor ; Christiana C. Okezie

Country: Nigeria

04 Product Management by Participatory Communication Empowerment in Product Research Program Management   Full Text PDF

Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

Country: Iran

05 Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer along an Infinite Porous Hot Horizontall Continuous Moving Adiabatic Plate by Means of the Natural Transformation Method   Full Text PDF

Harsh Vardhan Harsh1, Surendra Kumar Agarwal; Rachana Mathur

Country: India